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RANS Aircraft

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Western Aviation is the Canadian dealer for the complete line of RANS aircraft.

  • S-7S COURIER: The kit version of our first aircraft to receive SLSA certification. Ready to Fly
  • S-6S COYOTE II: An even slicker and faster Coyote II. 
  • S-12XL AIRAILE: RANS premier pusher model with the goods. 
  • S-9 CHAOS: With full inverted capability, the Chaos is popular the world over in aerobatic competitions.
  • S-10 SAKOTA: Fly aerobatics solo and cross country with 2
  • S-19: A low wing monoplane of high quality CNC machined construction. Ready to Fly

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For prompt service when enquiring about parts, please provide the following:

  • Model Number
  • Serial Number
  • Part Number (found in builders parts manual)

To enquire about RANS Aircraft prices please contact us at:
Western Aviation Services Ltd.
#309, 5980 - 2nd St.
Grand Forks, BC, Canada
V0H 1H4
Toll Free: 1-866-678-1234
Phone: (250) 442-8616
Fax: (250) 442-8616
Email: info@westav.ca

About RANS Aircraft

Established in 1974 on the plains of western Kansas to build Sailtrikes, RANS has evolved into a world leader in the ever growing recumbent bike and kit plane industries. Setting the standard of innovation in these exciting fields, RANS uses cutting edge technology to produce safe, high quality aircraft and bicycles.


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