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After fourteen previous years of active involvement in the light aircraft industry, the founder of Teratorn Aircraft founded Warp Drive Incorporated in 1988 and still operates the company to this day. Our first propellers were shipped in 1988. As of the end of 2009, Warp Drive has manufactured over 140,000 propellers which have been shipped all over the world.

Warp Drive manufactures the only solid carbon fiber composite propeller currently on the market. Due to our proprietary manufacturing process, we are able to create a solid carbon fiber part which is completely void free. Warp Drive Incorporated has been attending the Oshkosh air show since 1988, and will have the same booth in the ultralight area this coming year.

To our past customers, thank you for your business. To our future customers, we hope this website and our correspondence provide to you the information you need to make an informed decision concerning a critical component of your aircraft, airboat, etc. We strive to bring our customers quality, durable, safe, excellent performing products they will be satisfied with. We offer a Lifetime SatisfactionGuaranteeon every Warp Drive propeller.

Flight can be a hazardous activity but is truly enjoyable when you have confidence in your aircraft, confidence that the products you use will not fail. We want you to have that confidence in your propeller. We think, as many of our customers think, that our propellers provide that confidence.

At Warp Drive we truly believe that our propellers are the best props on the planet, if you don't feel the same then we don't want you to own one.

All Carbon Fibre Construction:

All Warp Drive Propellers are built using an all Carbon Fibre matrix: there are no foams, no fibreglass and no gelcoat used in our blades. The structural and practical advantages of a Carbon propeller over a fibreglass, wood or metal prop are many, including superior strength, light weight, superior durability and a significantly longer useful life. The construction of Warp Drive's blades allows for simple repair of nicks and gouges that sometimes happen. if you were to damage on blade beyond repair (example: ground strike), the blades are individually replaceable.

Ground Adjustable Pitch:

All Warp Drive Propellers have a fine, accurate and infinite range of ground-adjustable pitch. Complete disassembly of your propeller is NOT required. Simply loosen the bolts of an individual blade to adjust its pitch. Pitch can be quickly adjusted to very high accuracy (one quarter of a degree) using Warp Drive's Professional Protractor.

Leading Edge Protection:

The leading edge protection shipped with each prop, when applied, stays on blades and protects them from usual abrasive wear far better than any other material we have tested. For high abrasion applications we recommend our optional Nickel Leading Edge Protection. Complete kit is included with each propeller.

Profession Protractor:

The design of Warp Drive's Protractor is based on the propeller protractors used by professionals. Our Protractor is useful for finding all kinds of angles - for adjusting wing wash-out, ailerons, tail surfaces, and of course, propeller blades. (Included with every propeller)

Superior Performance:

Your Warp Drive Propeller will give you better cruise than you have ever had before. The strong all Carbon Fibre construction combined with the thin efficient design results in notably quieter, smoother and more fuel-efficient performance that you have ever experienced.

Lifetime Guarantee of Satisfaction:

We have the confidence in our propellers to include a Lifetime Guarantee of Satisfaction with each one. If your Warp Drive Propeller is not to your liking for any reason no matter who might be responsible, and for whatever reason - we will get it right. Warp Drive wants only happy owners.