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April 10, 2017

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May 10, 2016


Price New $131.500.00, Engine Rotax 100 HP c/w carb heat. 3 blade Kiev Prop, Airframe options; extreme gear legs, Avweld no bounce gear, dual brake system, two 13 gal fuel tanks, wing metal leading edge wrap, flap gap seals, VGs, cabin heater, Lexan upgrade 0.093", park brake.

Avionics options; King transponder, ICom radio, intercom, 406 ELT, EIS engine monitor, ILevel glass panel, IPad panel mount, Dynon D10A c/w remote compass, angle of attack, outside air temp, cabin canopy cover and much more.

Contact Ronald D. Wyers - WESTERN AVIATION SERVICES, Owner - located Grand Forks, BC Canada

Telephone: 250-443-1841

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See the NEW RANS S20 Raven

May 10, 2016

(from RANS website)
The S-20 is the best of two great planes that have been in production at RANS since the 80's. We took the wings, tail, fuel system, and aero servo ailerons from the S-7S Courier, and engine system, control sticks, flap lever, rudder pedals, seats, and instrument panel from the Coyote II S-6S. The intent was to answer the many requests for a side by side bush plane, equal to or beyond the Courier.

Construction is straight forward and classic. The proven wing features our special 3" and 2" custom extruded spars, airfoil struts, and stamped aluminum ribs. All welded 4130 steel fuselage and tail complete the fuselage.

Design features that will make the plane an easy project include: Welded steel fuselage and tail (all welding is completed at the factory) CNC drilled spars that eliminate almost all critical drilling and locating of holes. One-piece stamped ribs are punched with final hole sizes, and many parts are anodized eliminating the need to prime or corrosion proof. The kits are very detailed and supplied with all critical components. Builders only need to supply, engine, prop, paint, avionics, and fluids.

Ron Wyers rides the current in the air and on land

January 11, 2012

by Erin Perkins

Ron Wyers loves to fly -- the freedom to travel, the speed of getting places and for the pure thrill of floating above it all.

But what is even better about Wyers is his business sense.

Wyers, 64, has been building, maintaining and modifying aircraft out of his Grand Forks shop, Western Aviation, since 2001. Western Aviation is nationally known for building, modifying and repairing ultralight aircraft.

"I've been flying all my life," said Wyers of why he opened his own aviation company. "I started out in construction and got into aircraft out of interest."

He initially got started in the aviation industry modifying and building ultralight aircraft kits for customers across Canada.

Since then he's successfully navigated a few turbulent and changing economic realities.

Ten years ago when he first opened Western Aviation in Grand Forks the "economy went all to heck" and that's when Wyers decided to become a distributor for a product he already used -- Stewart Systems Paint and Fabric.

"We didn't want to be using poisonous paints," said Wyers of why he started using Stewart Systems Paints. "So when a opportunity came to become a distributor we took it."

Unlike the usual aircraft paint, Stewart Systems uses paints that require distilled water and not chemical solvents to thin, have no chemical emissions and only require minimal safety equipment to use because there are no poisons in the air, said Wyers.

For the past three years the online sales of the paint to destinations all over Canada -- including a recent museum job in Nova Scotia -- has kept Western Aviation flying.

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Westav recognized during small business week

October 27, 2011

Community Futures Boundary (CFB) hosted their annual business awards ceremony last week recognizing people’s choice businesses along with businesses that have succeeded with the help of CFB.

Mattei (L) presents the Green Business Award to Cher Wyers who received it on behalf of Ron Wyers.

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Canadair CP-107 Argus

October 07, 2011

When the Canadair CP-107 Argus entered service in 1957, it gave the RCAF the most advanced anti-submarine Aircraft in the world.

Although only 33 were built, there were still 31 in the Air Force inventory when it was retired in 1982 and replaced by the CP-140 Aurora. A few examples still exist in Canada, awaiting homes at museums.

Pictured here is Argus # 717 restored using Stewart Systems Finishing Products by the Greenwood Military Aviation Museum P.O. Box 786 Greenwood, Nova Scotia, B0P 1N0 Canada